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IB Exam Study Tips

As of this writing, the IB exam is coming up, and we're guessing you're in full test prep mode if you're reading this. So here are some quick tips to help you prepare for the final weeks before the exam begins. Then, after reading this article, integrate it into your IB revision plan.

1) Take a topic and break it down into smaller subtopics that you can study over weeks. Again, planning is essential when time is limited.

2) Make connections to the information you want to learn. You can try connecting facts, attaching additional information to familiar facts, or putting data into a framework you already understand. It can be hard to remember facts if you don't understand them.

3) Repeated tests are very effective. Information is retained better when we start with the intention of retrieving it. So if you can find a way to test yourself on complex topics once a week, it will help. Studying previous papers can effectively do this.

4) Study early, not late. It can be tricky to figure out the best, but it makes sense to get up early and start. If you stay up late, you may think you're working, but you're not getting enough sleep, and your recall rate goes down. As a result, your performance usually suffers the next day.

5) Change the form of the information in some way. There is no point in just watching or reading it. Instead, you can use text to create diagrams, make mind maps, explain it to a friend or sibling, or create a test to help someone learn.

6) Always make notes. Use a ton of highlighters to stress essential points.

Good luck with your exams!

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