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Important tips for ToK exhibition

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

What is a TOK exhibition?

The TOK exhibition is a nominating evaluation task that provides students a significant share of choice and allows them to showcase their achievements in front of the public. Of course, this openness comes with its challenges. However, the faculty can support the students and guide them through designing and delivering their TOK exhibitions.

Both the students and teachers can use the online resources in making and managing the exhibition. The following section describes the six unique steps required to complete and present your TOK exhibition.

The steps involved in creating and presenting your ToK exhibition

Carefully follow these steps to create and manage your TOK exhibition before you can finally deliver it in front of a public audience.

· You need to select an Internal Assessment prompt from the prescribed prompts.

· Next, you should select the objects or images related to the IA prompt.

· Participate in a meeting with your teachers to initially plan your TOK exhibition.

· Next, you should carefully write down a draft commentary related to the objects, check for errors, and correct them to make a final document.

· Now that you have prepared your TOK exhibition file, the next step involves submitting it for presentation.

· Prepare well and rehearse as the final step is to present your TOK exhibition to a public audience.

Choosing the three objects for your TOK exhibition

Selecting the three objects for your TOK exhibition is critical to how many marks you will get out of the total 33% it carries. Here are some tips for it.

· You should almost always select personal objects, such as things you have come across in your academic studies or your life beyond the classroom.

· It would be best if you mentioned the real-world context of the object. It means that things must exist within a specific time and space, including virtual spaces.

· The objects you select can be digital or physically existing. Digital images are recommended only if the things cannot be practically presented, for example, tweets, podcasts, etc.

· The students can make the objects manually. However, they should be pre-existing, i.e., not created for the sole purpose of exhibition.

Assessment of TOK Exhibition

The all-new ToK exhibition holds 33% of your grades in IA, and 67% of your grades in the external assessment are of the essay. It is assessed internally but faired externally. The exhibition’s main objective is to evaluate how you can apply TOK concepts in real life. Therefore, you are required to finish the presentation solely (group work not allowed) and ensure that no other student in your TOK class or school uses the same objects or images in their exhibition. Simply put, the TOK exhibition is a live or virtual exhibition of 3 things based on one IA prompt.

Essential things to keep in mind while making your TOK exhibition

· You must find three objects for exhibiting. These objects must be linked to the prompt you have selected.

· Your TOK exhibition must be based on one of the given prompts. If not, you will get zero marks.

· You must also create a document containing the title of your IA prompt, the images of the three objects, and feedback on each thing that matches each object and its real-world equivalent. This comment must also justify the inclusion of the object in the exhibition and detail the links to the IA prompt. Lastly, you must also add relevant citations and references.

· The document mentioned above has a total word count of 950 words, excluding citations and references.

· It would help if you chose a prompt from the list you gave, and you can’t rephrase the wording.

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