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Is IBDP worth all the efforts?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Benefits of an IB Diploma program

What is International Baccalaureate?

International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit foundation that carries out various educational courses for students aged 3 and 19. Its syllabus is used by specially trained teachers at qualified schools worldwide and provides a rigorous and dynamic high-quality education to its students.

IB Diploma program: overview

The IBDP is a two-year academic course open to students between 16 and 19. i.e., for high school students. Upon completing the course and its requirements, you can gain the International Baccalaureate diploma, a crucial document for college applications and other uses.

Academically, the IBDP needs you to take courses and clear exams in 6 particular subject horizons.

Benefits of IB Diploma for students

Obtaining the IB Diploma means that you’ve completed much more than taking a few IB subjects. Instead, you have finished a specific type of high school education intended to teach you beyond history, math, and other subjects. It teaches you how to assess better and understand the information you will collect in school and beyond.

Alongside the stated use, an IB Diploma is an asset for you in several ways, especially when you grow up and start enrolling in a college. Below we have mentioned some other fantastic reasons how having an IB Diploma makes you stand out.

Rigor: The IBDP is known worldwide for the top quality of the academic coursework it provides. The high level of the IB syllabus and the challenging training that its teachers and school administrators are needed to assist the program in keeping this high standard. IBDP students get a lot of respect. No matter where you go, even at the farthest corner of the earth, colleges will acknowledge and positively see the sweat and tears you have put into gaining your IB Diploma. Moreover, college Admission Officers (CAOs) in specific will be familiar with the qualification’s reputation, making it an ideal way to show your academic accomplishment.

Standing out: As we stated before, the IB program is more famous and well-known in the United States of America than, for instance, the AP course, you must undertake IB courses at a qualified high school (self-studying is not permitted), which limits the number of students that can enroll. In addition, the expenditure and training needed to qualify at an IB school can also contribute to its comparative rarity at high schools.

It means that if you hold an IB Diploma, you will be in a relatively small portion of the college applicant group with this certification. This difference demonstrates that you have not only pursued academic challenges but done so via a course that’s vastly known to be reputable and challenging and needs a good amount of independent work from its graduates.

Unique IB opportunities: One specific advantage of the IB program is that it can be helpful in your college application procedure. Once you are there, colleges can sometimes use your IB Diploma to decide placement and credit.

Other benefits of IB Diploma

If you hold an IB Diploma, you will also gain these advantages, which give you an edge over other qualification holders.

  • You have a better hold on writing personal statements, thesis, assignments, etc.

  • You are better trained to deal with all the college stress than peers.

  • You have greater chances of being awarded scholarships.

  • You will become a liberal-minded person.

  • You will get a habit of lifelong learning.

  • You are trained to handle uncertainties, be independent, discover new strategies, ideas and be expressive enough to support your perspective.

  • You gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of different disciplines.

  • You will learn to understand and praise different cultures and be open to perceptions, traditions, and values.

  • You will gain a fair sense and respect for individuals as you act with integrity, honesty, and become a person with principles.

  • You become more creative and imaginative in dealing with everyday life situations.

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