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Everything you should know about Plagiarism for IBDP (2021)

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

'Plagiarism' occupies the front seat of any educative misconduct. It happens when the student uses others' ideas while not employing correct attribution or acknowledgment. The ideas can be in different words, images, sounds, or other artistic expressions. In addition, the meaning of plagiarism may usually be a bit confusing to the student community. So, the student must be aware of the plagiarism types at the very onset.


• Global plagiarism happens when the student reproduces other's work as entirely theirs.

• Mosaic plagiarism is widespread once ideas are combined from entirely different sources rather than quoted.

• Getting into Self-plagiarism without knowledge happens when the student uses an idea/sentence already used earlier.

• If the student retells other's ideas without correct citation, the student gets entrapped in Paraphrasing plagiarism.

• Another serious offense is once the student copies a passage from a source without citation. In the student source citation, it happens such that the student fails to allow all necessary information. Meaning the students' committing a blunder of Incorrect citation. It can not be neglected that the principle of educational integrity lies within the heart of IB. The ideal approaches to teaching and learning reach their fulfillment once IB students show the responsibility of academic honesty and trustiness in their work. The student's moral standards in the 'original' critical work eventually form the student up as rational decision-makers.

Paraphrasing tools

Here are a few editor tools to avoid plagiarism. In contrast, the student finds a way to retain the originality and novelty within the write-up, exposing the students to the web article rewriters. With the utilization of advanced online rewriters, the student will rewrite or paraphrase the articles by minimizing the risks of 'paraphrasing plagiarism.' The artificial intelligence (AI) based rewriter tools like the Best Spinner 4.0, The Clever Spinner, Word AI, Chimp editor, Quillbot, Duplichecker, and Spinbot behave as article spinners redaction a human-readable text into additional, intelligent, clear text. With the utilization of online editor tools, students and academics will profit heaps by minimizing the threats of plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Plagiarism checker/detection tools

Many plagiarism checkers and plagiarism detector tools provide free services but limit the number of words. Moreover, many essential tools check the text match against the online documents used, whereas a few works on a deeper level in checking the documents against the scientific info sources.

• Turnitin is one of the prominent standard plagiarism checkers used by educational institutes. The student will be able to create a free account and run the internal assessments (IAs), Theory of knowledge (TOK) essay, and Extended Essay (EE) before submission.

• Scribbr plagiarism checker uses an equivalent computer code and database like Turnitin. However, while the students access the latter more, the former is subscribed to by the institutions. Thus, although each uses the plagiarism filter funnel against the same databases, the scores generated are relatively similar.

Please note: it is advisable to not upload the write-up on Turnitin as later on, self-plagiarism can arise.

• Ithenticate, a complicated product of Turnitin, is employed to detect self-plagiarism in scientific papers checked against several scientific proprietary databases.


1)Imagine being a blogger, trying to work on an existing, well-known topic from a fresh perspective. The most important aspect is the originality and novelty of the work with a fresh outlook. While working on the write-up, one would find specific facts and figures treated as factual data and cannot be altered.

Hence, the original work can include facts provided the citation of the source has been made. Herein lies the importance of citation in avoiding plagiarism. Therefore, a correct style of citation of referred work from the sources in the prescribed format, either MLA or APA, would help one avoid plagiarism.

2) A famous seek among college students on websites to test for plagiarism is to locate online plagiarism checkers15,000 words per search. Some famous names like Duplichecker, PlagScan, Plagiarisma, Plagiarism Checker might pop up. IB regulations allow at most 5% of plagiarism. The international online seek extent on plagiarism, plagiarism checkers, and plagiarism detectors provide us an illustration that there's a social attention being unfold to appreciate the experience of possessing highbrow data shared via means of one and utilized by another. Whether the supply of data is digital media positioned in electronic mail or website or from books, each little bit of it used has to be cited.

Note: Blogs by 7Wiseways are written based on the writer's information, knowledge, and perspective. While every caution has been taken to provide readers with accurate information, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this blog. In case you find any information that is factually wrong or something that could be made better, please write to us at

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