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How to Ace a business management IA in IB?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

How to score a 6 or 7 in business management IB internal assessment?

For many business management IB students, the IA will be the first research paper in their academic path. With less research experience, one may feel under-equipped to make a self-directed research paper all by themselves. But if it is done step by step, an excellent score is not far away. Here is an efficient way to do it.

Frame the question: First, you need to correctly frame a research question related to your topic. For it, there are three steps.

  • You must identify areas of investigation.

  • The next part is to check the feasibility of the topic.

  • Make a plan to collect data and information.

Make a research framework: Now that you have framed a question. The next part is to make a research framework. It takes two steps.

  • You must identify primary and secondary data sources.

  • Next, you need to evaluate the source's suitability.

Develop the IA first draft: It is an essential step. If you do it correctly, the rest becomes much more accessible.

  • You must develop and outline your research.

  • The next thing to do is include discussion areas.

  • Now you must work out your IA's structural flow.

  • It is also vital at this point to collect all the primary data from the source.

Write the IA: Now it's time to write the paper.

  • It would help if you first highlighted vital content areas.

  • The next part is to evaluate the relevancy of concepts.

  • It is very important to ensure the research question is being answered in the conclusion.

  • Adding a few drawback points will help portray a better understanding of the RQ.

Edit the IA: Editing is equally important as writing.

  • Inculcating the changes as per the teacher's feedback is one of the most important steps.

  • Conduct additional research. ( You might find more valuable data to write)

Refine the IA: Now, you must refine the paper before submitting it.

  • Checking word count is essential.

  • You must reference links and citations. (low-level plagiarism check is also a must)

Essential tips to ace the IA in business management IB

  • Your business management IA, which counts in your finals, must be started on time and as early as possible. It is because your research will depend on other people outside school. Even though they will happily answer your questions, it is impossible to make them adjust to a time, which suits you. So it would help if you started preparing early for it.

  • Get a book from a reputable author and use it as a guide to scoring top marks in a business management IA. Again, you can search for the best authors online or ask your college or teachers for the same.

  • Taking regular extra guidance classes from experienced tutors can significantly help in scoring an ace in your business management IA.

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